Are you seeking a Knowledgeable and Expert Speaker and Consultant to elevate your brand through impactful speaking engagements and strategic consultancy?

With a wide variety of experience, providing both in-person and online training, around paediatric nutrition and beyond, I am the expert for you.

Dietitian supporting parents with ARFID

Lending my expertise to your platform

Perhaps you’re looking to expand the expertise you offer to your audience, in which case, I can provide bespoke training courses with their needs and situations in mind.


Working in tandem like this will provide a depth to your knowledge base and an unrivalled opportunity to reach more of your potential audience, drawing them in to engage with your other services and products.

Most recently I recorded a bespoke course for
‘Just Chill Baby Sleep’, with a focus on fussy eating in young children.

‘Emma collaborated on our Guide to Fussy Eating online course. She is the top of her game – informed, up to date, personable and total professional on set. I would recommend working with Emma if you ever get the chance.”
Rosey Davidson The #1 Sleep Consultant for babies and toddlers, Best selling Author and 279K followers on IG

Speaking at mum club event

I have years of professional and personal experience

You can feel confident that by booking me to speak to your audience, they will receive expert knowledge, easy actionable tips and advice on the next steps they should take. Plus I’ll make time to answer questions from those attending to maximise their experience.


I can offer tailored trainings to small and large groups alike, with a focus on their specific area of interest.


Topics could include:

  • Healthy Eating
  • Fussy Eating
  • Managing childhood obesity
  • Meal planning for nurseries and schools
  • Managing allergies in nurseries and schools
  • Weaning workshops
  • Building healthy foundations: Early childhood nutrition essentials
  • Mindful eating

These are just a few examples, contact me here and we can chat about your event and what outcome you are looking to achieve. I know that together we can provide well-rounded and dependable advice to your audience.

Emma Shafqat preparing a talk

Don’t just take my word for it

I am a partner with the Behaviour Balance Bank 



And, I have worked with:

Rosey Davidson – Just Chill Baby Sleep – colloborated on a fussy eating online course 

Lisa Galley – Autism Family Consultant – On Food Chaining to help fussy eaters in her membership group 

Dr Helen Allergy  – As a expert speaker – Help for Fussy Eaters 

ChildMynder Summit 2024 – Speaker on Fussy Eating 

Childhood First Therapeutic Residential – On Healthy Eating for Teenagers (In-person)

Vicky Robinson – Sensory Occupational Therapist at Sensory Solutions 

And more… 


Companies I have worked for

Emma was our expert speaker for the 'Dr Helen Allergy Membership Group'. Emma provided an insightful talk on fussy eating and afterwards, answered any questions that arose. As a GP and allergist, even I learnt loads of great tips for managing fussy eaters. After the event, several families emailed me to tell me that they had made changes as suggested by Emma, and for the first time, their little ones are now happily eating a more varied diet and mealtimes have become infinitely less stressful. Thankyou Emma!
Dr Helen Evans-Howells

Confident no matter the format

I love speaking at in-person events and the connection that can achieve, but likewise I am happy and confident delivering training on-line. So whatever format your event is taking place in, you can rest assured I will be a key speaker who’ll you’ll want to invite back time after time!

‘Emma recently delivered some training in my Autism Parenting Conference. The parents were really impressed with what they learned. She took the time t listen to their questions and provide them with solutions they could try. I would recommend Emma for anyone considering training for specialist feeding issues. Thank you Emma!’

Lisa Galley, Autism Family Consultant

The listeners choice

I’ve also spoken on numerous podcasts to fantastic feedback. Sharing knowledge and easy hints and tips really fills me with joy.


I know how hard it can be raising a child with issues around eating, and with my extensive professional experience I’ve got all sorts of tried and tested hacks to tell your listeners about!

You can listen to some of the past recordings here:

Podcast I have spoken on

Training the trainers

I excel working alongside nurseries and schools to improve their knowledge and help increase their confidence when it comes to working with different issues around eating in young children.


In addition, I can work within corporations as part of their HR and wellbeing initiatives. Providing support to parents where they spend the majority of their time.


If you and your company are among the few leading the way with this progressive and vitally important offering then I am the perfect fit for you. A example of the workshops I have could present could be, Nutrition education for parents: Workplace Wellness Workshop, but this would be bespoke to your corporation and your requirements.


When it comes to providing the workforce with full 360 support, addressing something they struggle with alone at home can be invaluable.


I am an expert at delivering topics around child’s nutrition: empowering parents, nurseries, and schools with essential knowledge on child nutrition, fussy eating, mindful and healthy eating.


And further to is, I can provide courses for the education of staff to provide adequate support to parents in the workforce. With subjects centred around nutritional knowledge to help parents, and topics such as healthy eating, fussy eating, food allergies and improving parenting health.

For paediatric nutrition, I am the expert for your event, membership, and audience.

If you’re ready to find out more about how we can work together and ensure your audience receive all the very best expert advice when it comes to their children’s issues around food, then get in touch via the link below now.


You can rely upon me to:


+ Make myself available to you prior to the event so you are confident in the presentation I will make

+ Talk about and share the details of your event to my own audience to increase your reach

+ Provide knowledgeable, expert advice on the day, and explain it in a way that your audience can both understand and move forward with

+ Make myself available to your event attendees for questions and advice in a controlled setting


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