Milk Allergy Course

Milk Allergy Course

Go from Surviving to Thriving with a milk Allergy

Introducing the fastest way to help your child with a delayed milk allergy

Let's explore exactly how I can help with a delayed milk allergy

  • Put an end to waiting for a NHS appointment 
  • Stop Googling for answers on milk free weaning
  • Find out what the best milk free products are for your baby to grow and get all the calcium they need
  • Leave the anxiety behind you and get all the answers you need from a qualified dietitian

And so much more – I can’t wait to help you


Baby eating toast in highchair

Being equipped with the knowledge you need

Baby eating banana

Being in control again as you have been guided by an expert to ensure your baby gets all the nutrients they need

Baby eating in a highchair

Feeling confident around family and friends and knowing how to cope with birthday parties 

What's inside the milk allergy course

Session 1 of CMPA allergy course

Lesson 1 

Everything you need to know about a milk allergy. 

  • Inside this lesson I share everything you need to know about a cow’s milk allergy, signs and symptoms and allergy testing 
  • I reveal how to get your baby to take the formulas, and advise on which products to avoid with a milk allergy.
Session 2 example of course

Lesson 2

  • Inside this lesson I share weaning with a Cow’s Milk Allergy 
  • Plus a comprehensive guide of all the best products for your child so that they thrive. 
  • A guide on label reading as I know how stressful understanding labels can be
  • Plus meal plans and ideas
session 3 example of course

Lesson 3

Reintroduce milk with confidence:

  • Inside this lesson I’ll show you how to reintroduce milk using the milk ladder
  • Plus recipes for the milk ladder 
  • Alternative products to try at each step of the milk ladder 


FREE One to one email support or a 15 minute call to answer any questions (worth £45)

only £27

SO are you ready to:

  •  Get rid of feeling anxious and overwhelmed
  •  Take control of your child’s cow milk allergy with expert help
  • Then it’s time to join and let me help you every step of the way as a Registered Dietitian and a Mum that has been on the same journey as you. 

Here is what you need to do:

1. Follow the link below to join the course 
2. You will get instant online access to the pre recorded course 
3. Start watching the course videos whenever you are ready. Remember there is unlimited access. 
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